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Mazafati majlesi Dates

Multiple Mazafati Dates

Dates Mazafati is one of the highest quality dates in Iran and the thinner the skin of the date and the more juice it has, the higher its quality is. And its taste is unique.

Characteristics of Majlisi Mazafati Dates in Iranvij

Properties Mazafati Dates Majlisi

Dates contain a lot of calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, which makes it a nutritious and tonic substance. And it has vitamins such as niacin, steel, A, k,.

Properties Mazafati majlesi Dates Iranvij

Decorative Mazafati majlesi Dates

Mazafati majlesi Dates Due to its high quality, it is also used for various types of house ceremonies and can be decorated and used in different ways.

Date Decorations Mazafati Majlisi Iranvij

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